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What does being an ESI certified school look like?

When your program joins ESI, you begin a collaborative process with our team, supporting your program's efforts in building your lens of science to support children's natural curiosity in learning about and understanding their world. By helping adults see and support young children as scientists, we can maximize learning during this critical period of human development.

Our journey begins with a school wide professional development that introduces your team to the Early Science Framework.  Then throughout the year, with the support of your ESI coach:

  • All teachers complete on-line learning modules

  • All leaders join regular communities of practice to network with other schools and learn valuable strategies to support teachers through embedded PD

  • Interested teachers participate in Science Club, our unique “subscription box” service and community of practice

  • Your school engages families in experiences at a classroom and school level


Your ESI coach will provide on-going and customizable support to assist your school in designing a plan that works for you!

Professional Development

On-site and virtual hands-on, engaging and relevant professional



On-line lessons breaking down the framework into easy, understandable content allowing teachers to feel confident implementing immediately. 

Communities of Practice

Opportunities for members of leadership teams and teachers to come together with others across the country to share and reflect together.

Customized School Support

Our team will support your school efforts in a way that works for your teachers, children and families.

Cycle of Inquiry.jpg


Our approach to developing a lens of science is based in a culture of inquiry that supports educational leaders and teachers on a collaborative journey. We start by building knowledge of early science. Then, we support the transfer of that knowledge to classroom practices, testing out new ideas and making adjustments along the way. Finally, we come together to reflect collaboratively, continuing to refine implementation and building new knowledge along the way.  The idea is to invest in teachers, families, and educational leaders so they can flexibly integrate science learning everywhere!

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