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Why Science?

Children are natural scientists! From birth, they are highly motivated to understand their world through active exploration and investigation.


We understand that children learn best through hands-on, minds-on experiences. We believe that science should be fun and engaging.  We also know that teachers engage in more high-quality teaching strategies when teaching through a lens of science.

Placing science at the core of children’s learning is the best way to keep children mentally and physically engaged. When they explore science, they are engaging in a variety of developmentally appropriate skills and connecting learning across domains.


ESI Results for Children

Children participating in ESI sites scored significantly higher in a science assessment in the fall than in the spring and made consistent gains in their science knowledge across two years of participation. 


Our Research

Unleashing the Power of Science in Early Childhood

Approaches to Learning and School Readiness

Early Childhood Science and Engineering

Providing High Quality STEM Experiences for all young learners

Examining variation in the quality of instructional


The School Readiness Lab

The Early Science Initiative is part of the School Readiness Lab. The lab, currently housed at the University of Miami, is dedicated to helping young children learn about the world around them through active engagement in science learning. Check out all the incredible programs and research happening at the School Readiness lab.

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