We are a team of developmental psychologists and educators dedicated to supporting under-resourced children and families through high-quality early education. Research has confirmed that high-quality early care and education has tremendous positive impacts on the lives of children.

With over twenty years of research in early childhood, we have identified science as a promising lever to enhance the quality of care and education for young children, thereby narrowing the achievement gap and supporting learning for all young children.

Through support from the Buffett Early Childhood Fund and additional funders, we were able to put our research to practice and develop the Early Science Initiative. We started by partnering with the Educare Learning Network and implementing our program within 13 of their early learning centers throughout the country. We are currently expanding our reach and spreading the love for science across the nation! 

Our Vision

Enhance the care and education of young children through science.

By helping adults see and support young children as scientists, we can maximize learning during this critical period of human development.

Our vision is to establish a network of ESI schools, families, and community spaces that work together to support and celebrate learning in early childhood through playful, collaborative science experiences.

Through this network we can:

  • Promote inclusion and equity by surfacing the science that is unique to cultures and contexts

  • Strive towards continuous quality improvement, to create a culture of inquiry 

  • Unite learning across homes, schools, and community spaces so that children develop a cohesive and comprehensive world-view

  • Develop young children as 21st century thinkers…to be the innovators and leaders for tomorrow

Babies in Playroom

Our Aspirations

At the Early Science Initiative, we are always actively pursuing new ideas and outlets to continue our ongoing effort to reimagine science in early learning.


We have already grown so much but are eager to...

  • Expand into additional early learning centers

  • Leverage technology to connect with and support families

  • Create stronger connections between science and literacy

  • Partner with community spaces (e.g., libraries, zoos, parks)

Do you have some exciting ideas in ways we can connect and collaborate with you? Click on the Contact Us button below to share your ideas for unleashing the power of science in early childhood.