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Science is Everywhere!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Science is more than a place on a lesson plan. It does not happen in isolation from other learning. In fact, science is happening all the time and all around us. As you observe moments throughout the day using a lens of science, you will begin to notice how science is happening all around you. From there, you can begin to label and surface the science making connections and deepening children's understand of science concepts.


Science happens during one on one moments with children, following their lead and scaffolding their learning


Science happens on the playground when a child is riding a bike down an incline learning the effect that the incline has on the speed of the bike.


Science happens during mealtime as children observe and describe the foods they are eating, engage in conversations about the structure and function of forks and spoons and notice how their yogurt changes from white to pink as they mix the berries in.


Science happens during sensory play as children investigate the physical properties of materials and discover that mixing water and dirt causes them to change into the mud.


Science happens during art experiences as children notice paint colors mixing together causing new colors to form.


Science happens when cooking and children explore the structure and function of cooking tools that are necessary during the cooking process.

Science really is everywhere!

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