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The results are in...

Watch and listen to what teachers and directors have to say about using our program in their classrooms.


Teacher Experiences

Mr. Jeffrey shares his experience using the ESI framework and how it has changed how he feels about science for young learners.

Mr. Jeffrey

Ms. Katie talks about her experiences using ESI in her classroom and how she's been able to incorporate science in a variety of developmental domains.

Ms. Katie


"The Early Science Initiative changed the practice in my classroom in many ways. For example, as an educator, I am now drawn to follow my young children's natural curiosity about how the world works. The Early Science Initiative allows me to support my toddler's learning across multiple developmental domains such as math and advanced language."

Ms. Addlina- Miami, FL


"At the end of the last 2 studies, I videoed the children saying something they learned and sent it to the families.  They [the parents] love getting to see their babies learning and expressing themselves successfully."

Ms. Abby- Tulsa, OK


"We used components of the framework from Module 1 and planned intentional open-ended questions to inspire children to make predictions and allow for investigation. We brought buckets of snow into our classroom and allowed the children to explore in small groups."

Ms. Brenda & Ms. Sara-

Waterville, ME

“[ESI] opened my eyes to how important science is even in early childhood and how easily it can be integrated day to day.”

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